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About Me

A little background information

Shepherdess, Sheepdog Trainer and Trial Competitor, Elaine Hill demonstrates the skill, intelligence and flexibility of her Border Collies with her entertaining and educating displays of sheepdog handling and duck herding. Appealing to both adults and children these are an ideal family entertainment.


Elaine has been brought up with Border Collies as her late father, John Chapman, was training, working and trialing them before she was born. She learned the art of training these dogs from him. At home, Elaine keeps a flock of sheep on her small hill farm situated on the edge of the Lake District. She trains her own dogs and as well as using them for work, she competes at sheepdog trials, where she has enjoyed considerable success.



My Services

Training, Display and Corporate Work


Sheepdog Training

At home Elaine's dogs work sheep, both in a working environment and on the trials field. During displays they use geese and ducks to demonstrate their skills. In addition to arena entertainment Elaine, her dogs and ducks are available for corporate work.

Sheepdog Displays

A typical display includes showing the basics of training working dogs, where collies shepherd geese through a sheepdog trial course. Ducks are driven around an obstacle course with children invited into the ring to join all the fun. A parade of ducklings or miniature ducks is the normal conclusion to this popular show.


Display Requirements

During my displays, I usually work three or four different dogs. They normally work geese and ducks, but sometimes it is possible to take sheep instead of geese to venues with very large and fully secure arenas. When working with the ducks and geese an arena of at least 30 x 40 metres is required. This is the minimum size but bigger is better and displays can be given in arenas as large as those found at county shows, ideally flat, with short grass.

I give the option of one longer or two slightly shorter displays. The longer one lasts about thirty-five minutes and the two shorter ones about twenty minutes. The two shorter displays will be slightly different. I need five minutes before and after each display to set up and dismantle my equipment. However, I can be flexible if these timings are not suitable.

I give my own commentary for which the use of a radio mike is required. As the display is enhanced by background music, there also needs to be the facility to play compact discs. A roped-off area of 15 x 8 metres is required where our vehicle and trailer can be parked and our livestock turned out into pens to be fed and watered


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