Elaine Hill
Sheepdog Displays

Shepherdess, Sheepdog Trainer and Trial Competitor, Elaine Hill demonstrates the skill, intelligence and flexibility of her Border Collies with her entertaining and educating displays of sheepdog handling and duck herding. Appealing to both adults and children these are ideal family entertainment.

At home Elaine's dogs work sheep, both in a working environment and on the trials field. During displays they use geese and ducks to demonstrate their skills.

Peg Herding geese

A typical display includes showing the basics of training working dogs, where collies shepherd geese through a sheepdog trial course. Ducks are driven around an obstacle course with children invited into the ring to join all the fun. A parade of ducklings or miniature ducks is the normal conclusion to this popular show.

Ducks are guided over bridge
Even the very young are fascinated by Peg with geese.
Maggie walking ducks
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Elaine gives her own informative commentary during arena displays

Mouse herding ducklings
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In addition to arena entertainment Elaine, her dogs and ducks are available for corporate work.